This course teaches you key skills required to work in hospitality management, and about the functions of different hotel departments. The course begins by introducing you to the nature of hospitality, including the relationship between the hospitality sector and tourism, various types of accommodation and different types of hotel guests and meeting their requests. Next, the course teaches you about hotel management and the organization of hotel departments, their functions and the roles involved. The course also covers food and beverage services and its relationship to other hotel departments.

            Next, the course moves on to teach you how to create a comparative form of one-syllable and two-syllable English adjectives; vital for recommending and comparing dishes. You will also learn how to form the passive voice of a sentence and use it for describing restaurant dishes. This is important because it helps diners focus their attention on the food. You will also learn that on many English restaurant menus there are French words and phrases, so the staff must also be familiar with some French terms to describe certain dishes.

            Finally, the course teaches the steps involved in checking a guest into a hotel. You will learn how to greet guests, make confirmations, and ask for personal identification and payment. You will also learn how to provide room keys and numbers, as well as give directions. You will then learn the steps involved in checking a guest out of a hotel. This course will be of great interest to any learner who would like to gain employment or progress their career in the hospitality sector so start your learning today.

Course Duration: 2 years

Course Structure: Blended Learning Program. Theory/Smart Class + Industrial Orientation + Internship.

Credit : 460 credit hours

Certification: Course Certification is provided by EduQual is a regulated awarding body, approved by SQA-Accreditation, a globally-recognised national qualifications regulator in the United Kingdom

Pathway Program for Higher Studies: Upon successful completion of the foundational diploma course, the student can choose pathway programs to MALTA, PORTUGAL, POLAND, SWIZTERLAND.

Job Prospects:
            1. Star Rated Hotels
            2. Theme Restaurant,
            3. Leisure Outlets
            4. Airline &/Cruise Ships
            5. Industrial catering services.

Course Fee

First year Fee

Registration\Visa Fee: US $1050.00 | Tution Fee:US $2450.00 | UAE Health Insurance: US $175.00 | VAT 5%: US $210.00 - Total = US $3885.00 (USD Three Thousand Eight Hundred and Eighty Five Only )

Second Year Fee

Visa Fee: US $900.00 | Tution Fee:US $2450.00 | UAE Health Insurance: US $175.00 | VAT 5%: US $210.00 - Total = US $3730.00 (USD Three Thousand Seven Hundred Thirty USD)

Course Outcome:

            - Explain the characteristics of the hospitality industry

            - Define the classification of hotel departments

            - Define the different market segments and customer types

            -Explain the objectives of a menu

            - Explain what is meant by kitchen layout and design

            - Explain proper food handling priorities

            -Describe the food preparation procedures

            -List the different types of restaurant workforce injuries and accidents

            - Explain health and safety procedures as applied to the hospitality sector.

            -Recommend and compare restaurant dishes using adjectives and comparative adjectives

            -Effectively provide potential hotel guests with information during inquiries using English language phrases

            - Check guests in and out of hotels in the correct sequence.

What you will achieve?

            - Gain Knowledge & Confidence

            - Start your dream career in the international hospitality industry

            - Secure entry / junior level positions in food & beverage service, production, housekeeping front office, sales & marketing personnel.